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The Block

Good afternoon!

It’s a good washing day today. Sunny with a bit of wind. And zero creativity.

Look at all those empty needles!

Absolutely none.

The last time I knitted properly was in July when I acquiesced to the youngest’s very specific requests for his teachers’ end of year presents.

I was very pleased with how these turned out. The duckling and the rabbit went down a treat. I didn’t see the TA for whom the snail was for (I did have to knit a shell and then forgot to take a picture) but I hope she liked it just as much. Pattern and yarn details can be found on the instagram post here.

I finished those about 2 weeks before school finished. Which was just as well as the last couple of weeks before term ended involved both kids being off with glandular fever. Smallest was less ill than biggest but after the initial symptoms it took them a good month to get back to normal.

We spent time in the Lake District, just the 4 of us, later in the month. It was breathtakingly beautiful. If you plan on going, I highly recommend a National Trust membership. It allows access to a number of houses and gardens as well as free parking in a whole host of places. I think if you aren’t based in the UK they also offer passes for the length of your stay. Saves a fair bit of cash.

We swam in Rydall Water and I also had a cheeky dip in the slate cave above the lake. I wasn’t phased at all until I’d got into the middle of the water, realised I was in a cave and then my brain starting going through every scary film involving water beasties that I’d ever seen and made a few more up for good measure. It is possible to walk on water if you are sufficiently motivated to get out!

Ursula Andres I am not

I bought some beautiful handspun, mustard coloured yarn from a local spinner, still couldn’t muster up the required motivation to do anything with it.

Maybe a bob around in Beatrix Potters tarn might fix things. Nope.

You definitely need something on your feet and a healthy appreciation of geese

Upon leaving the very verdant and soggy Cumbrian wilds, we realised that the rest of England was experiencing something close to the aftermath of a solar explosion. Everything was beige and crispy and the heat was very off putting for holding yarn.

August was coming to an end, still no knitting was to be seen. Then the rains came! Hurrah thought I! finally I can think Autumnal thoughts and I will need to knit all of the socks. Nope, warm and wet weather ensued.

At the beginning of September the children went back to school. Finally! There is the time I need for my brain to quieten after 9 weeks of extreme busyness. I met friend for coffee on the second day of them being back. She asked me what jumpers I was knitting for the children for Christmas this year as it’s about the time I normally start them. I kid you not, I almost cried. Two jumpers!!

I’ve even tried doing other crafts, as I thought a break might help. Nada. And I really, really need to find the enthusiasm to start their winter warmers, especially with the cost of EVERYTHING going up, including winter fuel.

Have any of you experienced a creative block like this? I actually thoroughly enjoy knitting normally but at the moment the mere thought of it puts a scowl on my face.

How have you overcome it? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments) gratefully received.


P.s. i can thoroughly recommend outdoor swimming. Anywhere (as long as it’s clean, good luck in England at the moment!) for a little dip and a blast of chilly water, even for a couple of minutes, does wonders for the mind.

6 thoughts on “The Block

  1. I experienced a similar loss of knitting mojo for the better part of 2019. My observation ? Knitting is meant to be fun. Its something we do for pleasure. Don’t beat yourself up about it. What is your favorite thing to do with yarn ? Look at some projects/yarns/patterns and if something excites you, try that. Don’t choose something that you feel you ‘have’ to do. Knit something that you ‘want’ to knit that excites you, even if it isn’t something that you ‘need’ or think will be useful in any way. Just knit something for fun. Let the joy of knitting return. If it takes a while. That’s okay too.

  2. When I’m in a knitting slump, I will often knit a simple washcloth just to get my hands going through the motions. Most times that also gets my brain thinking about what I want to knit next! Beautiful photos, by the way. 🙂

  3. Don’t fight it. When you’re ready, you’ll be ready. Just read/view inspiring material until something goes PING in your creative brain. Then there’ll be no stopping you.

  4. Loweswater is gorgeous to swim in if you’re up that way. My favourite lake in the Lake District. I’ve always swum outdoors and for the last couple of winters have Contin to swim (in Yorkshire) right through the winter.
    I’ve hardly done any knitting, there’s just not been the energy/motivation. I was at a folk festival over the bank holiday weekend which is normally good for most of a pair of socks – I tried 3 times to cast on for a baby hat and gave up! I did manage a bit of my sewn patchwork but that was all. I’m going to have to force myself as grandson has requested a new rainbow cardigan for his 6th birthday in November and I’ve promised other son and his fiance a blanket as a wedding present for next august….

  5. Your animals are beautiful. Great job! Don’t worry about your loss of knitting mojo. It will come back. Meanwhile you can just enjoy things like swimming in the great outdoors. You are absolutely right, by the way, about wild swimming being magical. It’s faaaabulous!

  6. Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and I wish you all a very happy new year. P.S, hope you got the Christmas jumpers done

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