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The Shawl Story

Whilst trying to recover all of my data from my previous website ( and laptop) I noticed that I have actually madea fair few shawls. I only have one of the in my possession as the others have been sold or gifted but I thought it might be fun to display them all here.

Star Shawl

This one has been purloined by my eldest. I forget the name of the yarn but it was a Norweigan import. At the time it was the only yarn I could find with a long rainbow gradient. It’s pure, slightly itchy wool and I LOVE IT! I used a crochet star blanket pattern and ignored a few of the points.

Janet’s Shawl

This one is my own design that I created it for a relative of The Bearded Wonder who lives in Australia. We were having a Skype chat after the birth of my youngest ( tail end of July) and she was telling me they’d just had their first frost. She has sent so many wonderful knitted things for the children that it was about time she had something of her own.

Crochetd in DK weight yarn ( this was Stylecraft Special DK) on a larger than recommended hook this has a lovely drape to it.

You can purchase this pattern from my ravelry page here. One of the Ravelers made this for her wedding, adding extra pattern repeats to make it longer. It’s stunning.

Half Granny

I went back to basics on this one, a simple crotched half granny square. Absolutely no recollection as to what the yarn was by it was lovely and soft and I used a bigger hook than normal to get softness and drape. I don’t have any idea where it’s gone either! I may have gifted it.

The Wedding Shawl

Speaking of weddings, I made this for my Etsy shop and it was bought by a lady for her wedding.

This was knit in King Cole Galaxy DK and was another variation on a star blanket without joining it into a round. I used much larger needles than stated for the yarn and it gave a wonderful, soft drape with a surprising amount of warmth. Definitely one for a warmish summer evening though.

The Hansel Hap

Also known as The Labour of Love Shawl and The “I’ll definitely get it on my 8th attempt” Shawl. For some reason I had a complete mental brain fluff over this for over a year. I started and stopped and ripped back and put it in the corner 7 times before it all of a sudden clicked. It’s not even that tricky! the first bit is a square on the bias. I’ve no idea what was stopping me but the end result makes me ridiculously happy.

I’ve actually knit another of these minus the edging and with the main colour in grey/brown, I cast off too tightly and the yarn snapped so it’s in my mending pile.

Both of them are Full Hansel Haps ( paid pattern by Gudren Johnson on Ravelry) and they are knit in yarn spun at the Gower Heritage Centre (main colours) and Jamiesons Of Shetland 4ply for the wavy detail. They are pure wool and the only way I could make this affordable was by getting a blinding deal on the wool from the Gower. I bought a cone of the beige and a cone of the grey/brown (can just be seen between the main colour and the purple) for £5 each! each Hap must have used less than a quarter of a cone. The colours come in 50g balls and I used about 6 I think, swapping the colours over for the second blanket. The total was about £12 for those.

They were gifted to my two wee smalls as heirloom blankets. They declared that they will wrap their babies in them and they will be the most loved babies in the world. I cried. A lot.

Calamity! There’s actually 2 more to add to the list but I’m missing pictures for them. Hopefully we’ll have a nice chilly morning tomorrow and then I can take my favourite (and only one that still belongs to me) out for a spin to blow the cobwebs and snapp some piccies.

Are you a shawl knitter? If so, do you gift or keep or a bit of both? And how do you wear them?

I’d really love to be able to wear a hap folded in half, crossed over the front and tied at the back but alas my patience does not stretch far enough to make them big enough. Maybe one day! Until then, I like to wear them point at the front and swooped round the neck, cowboy style.

2 thoughts on “The Shawl Story

  1. Such gorgeous makes. The wedding shawl is so beautiful. I love that you are equally fluent in knit and crochet. You have every right to be ridiculously happy! I have some triangular shawls, some symmetrical some not. If the house or office is chilly, I wear a large triangular shawl draped over my shoulders, For walking, it is wrapped around my neck and covers my chest. I have not knit any as a gift; that’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome the idea.
    Have a blessed day!

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