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Friday Freebie – The Family Hat

It’s Friday! I think this week might have lasted as long as January, and that went on for 84 years.

I have a little freebie for you today! Despite everyone in my house having their very own distinct woolly hat, there are times when we just need to grab one and get out of the door. It is for this reason I present to you the One-size-almost-fits-all-family-beanie. It is beautifully modelled here by the largest and smallest heads in the house.

He’s decided his name is Bill whilst wearing this head warmer.
This one just grunted. In fairness it was 8.30 and he was heading off for school.

Instructions for making

You will need:

Aran yarn – I used Aldi’s So Crafty Aran in sea blue

4.5mm and 5mm needles to enable you to knit in the round

Wool needle and tape measure

Cast on 100 stitches using 4.5mm needles and a stretchy cast on.

K2,p2 for 2.5”

Switch to 5mm needles and continue in rib 5.5” (8” for total hat length)

Begin crown decrease:

(K2, p2tog) x 4, k2, p2 rep to end

(K1, k3tog, k1, p1, k2, p1, k1, k3tog, k1, p2) x 5

(K2, k3tog, k3tog, k2, p2) x5

(K3tog, k3tog, p2 ) x5

(K2tog, p2) x5

(K1, p2tog) x 5

Break yarn leaving an 8” tail, thread yarn through darning needle and remaining 8 stitches. Pull tight to close and weave in end. Weave in cast on tail.

Instructions for wearing

Once completed, place on head, feel fabulous and have adventures.

2 thoughts on “Friday Freebie – The Family Hat

  1. I like the adventures part of the instructions. Definitely an important component. You live with excellent hat-models, by the way.

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